We Provide Compliance Support

& Capital Financing

Compliance Support

Inspections & Technical Assistance

The modern gold trading market demands strict compliance with international KYC and AML regulations. Our 21st century precious metals supply chain management system verifies that all of the gold we trade is sourced responsibly in accordance with global standards and local laws. This ensures that buyers can trace the chain of custody of every gram of gold from its source throughout the supply chain, bringing an unprecedented level of integrity to the gold trading industry.

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Capital Financing

Licensing & Economic Support

We partner with ASM communities that lack the financial resources necessary to become legally licensed with the relevant authorities in order to sell their product to the international markets. By providing this critical support, AGE Global Trading has the access to sell this product to international markets that were previously traded illegally. The support we provide is vital to the economic development of these ASM communities in underdeveloped areas, bringing peace and prosperity to their provinces.

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The Clean Gold Standard

Bringing Transparency to the Gold Industry

Compliance Software

Mine Site Inspection

Our proprietary mine site inspection platform verifies that all of the gold that we trade is conflict-free and sourced in compliance with international standards for health, safety and human rights.

Chain of Custody Integrity

Supply Chain Management

Our chain of custody system manages mineral sourcing in high risk areas establishing our firm commitment to compliance with all relevant provisions of international laws and regulations.

Low Emissions Processing

Eco-Friendly Refining

Our refinery partners participate in on-site recycling, designs occupied spaces to minimize waste, energy, and water use, and imposes strict controls on air and water quality.