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Global Financial Markets

We pride ourselves on the social economic impact that our efforts bring to the families in the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) communities. AGE Global Trading provides financial support to ASM communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, helping them to become licensed with the relevant authorities to sell their products to international markets, and ultimately bringing peace, prosperity and economic stability to their region.

International Standards Compliance

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Chain of Custody Management

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Artisanal Mine Capital Financing

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Community Economic Support

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Gold Trading

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What is

Clean Gold?

Clean Gold means not only conflict-free, but free of child labor and refined in an environmentally friendly manner that exceeds industry best practices. We also promote supply chain transparency through oversight of both upstream and downstream actors, communicating openly with local, municipal, regional, and international stakeholders.

Learn more in our white paper on The Clean Gold Initiative.

The Clean Gold Initiative

A Spotlight on the

Gold Market


One quarter of the global gold supply is produced by artisanal and small scale miners.


Almost all of the gold from central Africa is produced by artisanal and small scale miners.


Less than 1% of gold currently produced in the Democratic Republic of Congo is exported legally.

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