The Clean Gold Standard

What We Do

AGE Global Trading is a licensed gold comptoir company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo with offices in Kinshasa, Ituri and Lubumbashi. We specialize in the purchase, selling, and exporting of Clean Gold in the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) industry.

We provide compliance assistance and capital financing for ASM mines. Without this support, it is extremely challenging for small mines to access legal markets. As a result, these mines often sell to informal markets, fueling illicit activities and local conflicts. The support our company provides solves these problems and produces a positive social impact to the families of the communities.

Learn more in our white paper on The Clean Gold Initiative.

The Clean Gold Initiative

USAID Clean Gold Project

Zahabu Safi

DRC Economic Development Initiative
The goal of the Clean Gold Project is to establish a conflict-free ASM gold supply chain originating from eastern DRC. Launched in 2018, the program builds on recent successes achieved by donor-funded initiatives to export responsibly-produced gold to jewelry buyers in North America and Europe.
Global Community Collaboration
We work with multinational banks, and other organizations interested in making catalytic and strategic investments in ASM communities. We make investments in ASM supply chains supported by USAID, which is facilitated via their Responsible Gold Innovation Facility (RGIF). We want to scale supply chain models that work so that they have impact in sourcing communities.
Finance & Investment Facilitation
This project contributes to the broader US goal of reducing instability in the DRC (which has more than 1,100 minerals worth nearly $24 trillion) by providing commercial opportunities to artisanal miners by linking them to responsible gold buyers in international markets.
We Help to Increase the Reputation, Visibility and Availability of Responsibly-Sourced Artisanal Gold from Eastern DRC
We support ASM mines through facilitated engagements with gold refiners, jewelers, retailers and other upstream supply chain actors interested in purchasing responsibly-sourced gold from the DRC. This is based on targeted and ongoing market research produced by the Clean Gold Project on critical supply chain segments and specific target sales geographies. We also strengthen the capacity of ASM cooperatives, traders, and exporters to conduct due diligence that adheres to international and regional standards, and thus increase the availability of traceable, conflict-free gold with our proprietary upstream supply chain management platform.
Global Mineral Supply Chain
AGE Global Trading has a multi-geographic, multi-year, multi-faceted partnership with USAID designed to establish a responsibly-sourced artisanal gold supply chain that originates from DRC which benefits all stakeholders along the chain.

Responsible Mineral Sourcing

Policy Statement

As a 21st century global precious metals trader, AGE Global Trading is firmly committed to conducting its business with integrity and transparency and in compliance with best practices and all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.

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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct and corporate policies commit us to sourcing and operating with integrity, in line with sound and ethical business practices, while building and maintaining trust relationships with our employees, commercial partners, shareholders, government authorities, and communities. We know that acting with integrity in all aspects of our operations determines our reputation, financial strength, and public confidence in the company’s activities. We also know it is the right thing to do.

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Acknowledgement for

Responsible Supply Chain

AGE Global Trading manages mineral sourcing in high risk areas with our Responsible Mineral Sourcing Policy Statement, which sets forth our firm commitment to compliance with the relevant provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act, OECD guidance, and ICGLR RCM. Our policies further the objectives and guiding principles of conducting business in an ethical manner and in accordance with best practices and all applicable laws and regulations. We also follow internal due diligence protocols outlining the processes Octavian undertakes when sourcing critical minerals.

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