FOR VALUE RECEIVED, and as per the Escrow Agreement signed and executed by and between Ms. Jennifer Victoria Vardon, identified by Canadian Passport n.: AG083512 (“JV” or “RESELLER”) and The Altieri Firm, a Dubai Legal Consultancy Firm and Global Strategic Intelligence Company (the “ESCROW AGENT” or “GSI”), the undersigned, hereby sell, assign and transfer unto:

GSI, right to receive (Cash) (Cash Equivalent) (Currencies) (CryptAsset) (BitCoin (“BTC”)), (Tether Token (“USDT”)) and an irrevocable transfer power over said (Cash) (Cash Equivalent) (Currencies) (CryptAsset) (Bitcoin (“BTC”)), (Tether Token (“USDT”)) in the amount stated in the Proforma Invoice and SPA, and do hereby irrevocably constitute and appoint GSI as attorney in fact, to transfer the said (Cash) (Cash Equivalent) (Currencies) (CryptAsset) (BitCoin (“BTC”)), (Tether Token (“USDT”)) to SELLER, with full power of substitution in the premises.